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Facial Therapy: Zone & Season Specific

By 7th March 2016December 7th, 20162 Comments


Specific anti-ageing technologies should be targeting different facial zones and ageing features. Technologies on my wish list are new, clinically relevant and evidence-based yet accessible (distribution channel and price) for my clients.

The appearance of facial skin depends on the quality of many different tissues – bone structure, muscles, sub-dermal deposits of fat, dermal and epidermal layers as well as perfusion and lymphatic drainage – that differ in distinct facial zones.

In Caucasians, research into which ageing signs matter most has confirmed that nine features correlate the most with perceived age (Oriflame research in Russian women aged 40 +):

  • wrinkles in the upper part of the face (crow’s feet, glabellar (frown), under-eye and forehead wrinkles)
  • wrinkles in the lower half of the face (upper lip, nasolabial fold)
  • sagging of the jawline (in the aged 41 to 65 years)
  • severity of hyper pigmented spots – red and brown (although to a lesser extent)

Anti-ageing solutions specifically targeting these features have to entail:

  1. lifestyle changes (bad mimic habits – impacting on frown and lip lines, smoking – lip lines & skin quality e.g. acne, inadequate sleep and nutrition – sleep lines & skin quality e.g. tired, dull complexion )
  2. daily facial yoga, self-massage and regular professional face massage with or without rollers (for increased perfusion and lymphatic drainage, alignment, stretch and elongation, exfoliation as well as skin-brain relaxation – impacting on all structural aspects of skin ageing)
  3. targeted daily & weekly skincare with sun protection including zone specific patches (with evidence-based ingredients – impacting on epidermal and dermal layers).

I combine all these solutions to achieve good clinical results. A Review of the 3 aspects of targeted skincare is due each season.

A client’s testimonial following a Spring Review:

Just to say how much I enjoyed today’s treatment and review.
I found the review very helpful. It is very easy to become complacent and even though I thought I was doing a good job with  my evening massage from the review I was aware that I needed to do work on the facial muscles not just the surface skin if I wanted to use my massage time to the best of outcomes.  Also very helpful to work more specifically on the areas of my face that bother me the most when I look in the mirror, and to receive your advice on targeting these areas with exercise and products. Even though you worked deep on me today I still found it relaxing and I was able to switch off – lovely. SC, Beverley

Reference: Influence of facial skin ageing characteristics on the perceived age in a Russian female population [accessed Mar 7, 2016].








  • Tracy says:

    I attended your class at the Face and Body Expo in Chicago March 2016. I appreciated the scientific approach yet would like to see the hands on approach thru you demonstrate or video. Thank you

  • faceworkshops says:

    Hello Tracy, many thanks for your comment. I appreciate that and would like to run a practical workshop with a certified attendance.
    On this occasion, the room was set up for a presentation and I had a large audience not knowing there could be a real time demonstration on camera to show the massage in detail. It was my first time attending an US beauty show. Please sign to the blog for future updates and thanks for your interest in my work. Katerina

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