Anti-Ageing Facial Massage is a relaxing facial massage with organic plant oils and light to medium pressure.

Nurturing and calming on the forehead area, stimulating and firming the jaw line and cheeks. This treatment delivers visible long-term anti-ageing benefits and smooth and radiant complexion.

Effleurage originates from the French “to skim” and “to touch lightly ” and prepares face for a massage in slow rhythm and with gentle pressure. Small circular movements follow, upwards and outwards, to increase blood flow and radiance and smooth out uneven skin surface.

Gentle pinching and light tapping, outwards and upwards, introduces rhythmic compression of the tissue and stimulates nerves endings as well as contracts capillaries. It is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin types – light superficial tapping induces cooling effect.

Fan-like movement on the jawline is a rhythmic variation on the “petrissage technique”. Originating from the French word “to knead”, it requires lifting and rolling tissue vertically and works on the dermal layer of the skin.

One hour treatment £60