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Effective Skincare [Without the Price Tag]

By 10th October 2016January 7th, 2017No Comments

There is more to an effective skincare routine than expensive products! I come across women who are devoted to expensive skincare brands, yet with little visible result to their skin, and others who do wonders on a shoe string.

There are parallels with food – buying quality raw ingredients is only the start to creating a delicious meal. It is the tips and tricks of the application, smart combinations of the ingredients, understanding your skin, lifestyle and seasons – and regular therapy that can make a noticeable difference to your face.

My clients who get the best results do the following: 

  • Cherish their skincare products [like expensive perfume]
  • Use skincare products to their best potential
  • Have regular facial treatments 
  • Adopt a holistic approach incorporating advice on relaxation, diet and facial exercise into their skincare routine.

They ask me to recommend the best products [to a budget and across all brands] and edit their skincare routines regularly to achieve results. I like to talk to an engaged audience who are truly interested in ‘properly’ looking after their skin with efficacious products & treatments. This goes beyond the brand story; reading the ingredient list and looking at the scientific evidence is essential.

“I feel I am worth it and don’t hesitate to spend on myself.  If women are very busy focusing on work & family, they don’t find time to pamper themselves.. Some might just be baffled by the overwhelming selection and the prices some skincare companies charge when the ingredients don’t warrant it. Disposable income might also be a factor and understanding what products deliver results [without the necessary top-end price tag] & advice on lifestyle can help.” 
“I have stopped using the old moisturiser as I like the one you recommended more! [And I really liked the old one!]. I’m really impressed a few small changes can make a big difference.” 
“To be able to talk about my skincare routine and skin concerns knowing that I am being listened to and given the best advice on products purely for me and not with an ultra motive to sell as you find in the department stores has been invaluable.” 

Talking about money

Skincare can be tailored to almost any budget – I honour the £15 watershed for a stay-on product, cleansers can be cheaper. On the other side of the spectrum, going over £120 per product is extravagant.

The beauty of the £50 per product rule when hunting for a bargain works well in Britain. 

A monthly facial MOT costs between £1.50-£2 per day, an effective skincare routine about £5 per day – this is a relatively small price to pay when compared to expensive fashion items; particularly those we never wear! Therapy is a key component of an effective skincare routine; both for prevention and repair. However, only 24 % of British women have a regular facial treatment.

The famous “YOU ARE worth it”

Start young to PREVENT AGEING. Younger people often do not realise they need to look after their skin until they start to see the signs of ageing. Prevention works better than repair. It is important to learn the principles and adopt them early in life. 

Some people don’t see skincare as important – yet they would still like to look good for their age. Quite often these “skincare-sceptics’ don’t understand how an effective skincare routine could help offset the negative consequences of today’s hectic, 24/7 lifestyle and increasing levels of air pollution, both of which contribute to signs of premature ageing. Also, taking care of ‘skin health’ rather than focussing exclusively on vanity, might have more of an appeal to them. Spending money on diets, gym memberships, fashion, manicures, pedicures – why not the face?

Learn to use the right products – for you. Pay attention to the brand story – if you like – but read the INGREDIENT list first. Skincare products have a shelf life and routines are seasonal. For A Science-Based Personalised Review, go to my BLOG.


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