The under eye zone is one of the most delicate areas of the face. The skin is very thin, prone to lines and wrinkles, dark circles and pigmentation, eye bags and swelling. A number of factors contribute to these concerns of my clients, including genetics, lifestyle choices, lack of or low quality sleep and stress.

Facial ageing is very individual. Different areas of the face age at different rates and our perception of age-related changes can impact on perceived age, attractiveness and tiredness. In the frontal view, the middle third of the face has the greatest effect on perception of age as it contains the eyes, nose, crow’s feet, frown lines and under eye area.

The appearance of eye bags improves over the course of the day, compared to morning. Frown lines, in contrast, worsen. Swelling occurs in the morning due to the effects of gravity during sleep. Repeated movements of the face in facial expressions increases transient wrinkle formation from the morning to the afternoon. Gravity and movement are likely to reduce swelling in the face during the day.

The eyelid skin is distinct from others, with low skin surface lipids – skin’s natural fats – and a thin stratum corneum, the upper layer of the skin with high hydration but poor barrier function. The round orbicular muscle enables the eye movement and the skin has to show great flexibility. As the eye blinks, squints and moves many times a day, the thin skin shows ageing early. In traditional Chinese medicine, the under eye area relates to the kidneys. In my personalised consultations, this area reflects the client’s quality of sleep, anxious and fearful mental state, the intake of water, coffee and alcohol.

Understanding these delicate site-dependent differences is essential for tailored skin care. My Radiance Eye & Lip Serum is a sophisticated formula treating the delicate eye area with re-hydrating, firming as well as soothing and anti-inflammatory actives. It is the specific massage technique in day-to-day application that can alleviate swelling in the under-eye zone and firm up the upper eye lid. Understanding the daily “circadian” rhythms and quality of the skin brings the skincare results to a different level.





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