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A photograph showing belmished skin relating to deep cleanse treatmentQuote about deep cleanse treatment for acne and blemishes

Deep Cleanse Treatment

Treatment for Acne, Spots & Blemishes

Facial acne is difficult to hide. Research suggests that adult acne is on the increase and affects a significant percentage of women up until their late 40s. Even a mild form of acne can badly impact on women’s quality of life and self-esteem in the long-term. Acne is a skin disease and is best treated in the hands of a dermatologist. Mild forms of acne, classed by the general public as spots and blemishes, can be addressed with personalised skincare, a specific extraction technique and dietary advice.

Since 2013, I have represented BABTAC (British Association of Beauty and Cosmetology) on the NHS panel of the AcnePSP (Acne Priority Setting Partnership), prioritising research into acne treatment. AcnePSP has brought together people with acne along with every profession that treats it, to review any gaps in existing research and treatments. BABTAC aims to develop and maintain high standards of acne treatment and through this partnership, provide a public voice to shape future medical research. As professionals, beauty therapists are quite often the first point of contact from the public who have concerns and questions regarding their acne; frequently looking for guidance, support and help. BABTAC is committed to the wellbeing of consumers and expanding beauty therapists expertise in all areas surrounding this condition. My work with AcnePSP has continued to help clarify information relevant to consumers, ensuring all acne sufferers receive relevant and effective information and treatment for their acne.

45-minute treatment £45

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