My product range consists of anti-ageing oil-based serums formulated in response to specific ageing concerns. Looking at skin as a scientist and understanding how each ingredient works at the cellular level is essential when it comes to taking care of your face. I stand alone in combining science with hands-on facial therapy and use my expertise to create my serums. The Collection is launched with my first signature Anti-Ageing Serum, 4, promoting a more youthful-looking face by reducing vertical lines, wrinkles and sagging. My next launch will be an Eye Treatment Serum targeting puffiness, swelling and dark circles in the under-eye area.

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  • Katerina Steventon FaceWorkshops 4 anti-ageing serum and voucher Katerina Steventon FaceWorkshops 4 ant ageing serum with tuition
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    A photograph of 9 skincare serum by Dr Katerina Steventon A photograph of 9 skincare serum by Dr Katerina Steventon
  • 4 Anti Ageing Serum bottles 4 Anti Ageing Serum bottle single

    Anti-Ageing Serum “4” Single Bottle

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