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Facial Ageing: State-of-Art Science

By |2016-12-07T15:02:35+00:00November 24th, 2016|Aesthetic Rules & Beauty, Facial Ageing|

Facial Appearance & Ageing. Understanding the facts & figures of facial ageing is an incentive for us, the professionals, to change our clinical practice and become more integrative.  Complex Process Linked to Life Stages. The process of skin ageing is multifactorial, as structural, functional and aesthetic changes happen at a variable rate. It is misleading to consider skin ageing as a uniform biological event; several distinct biological processes may occur concurrently. There are five types of skin aging, including: intrinsic, extrinsic, lifestyle, hormonal or catabolic. Olay have identified distinct gene expression “tipping points” that occur in each decade as we age: Decline in antioxidant response (20s) Decline in skin bioenergy (30s) Increase in cellular senescence (40s) Decline in skin barrier function (50s) Acceleration of all the above (60s) Mirror, Mirror. The focus of attention in the face is on the eyes, lips and facial symmetry [jawline and cheek sagging]. The “quantified-self trend” is growing in an “on-display” digital world. The most significant period of change is in the 40s!  Wrinkles on the left side of the face have a deeper profile and higher volume in comparison with those on the right side and sleeping can further impact on the wrinkle patterns. Health & Lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are essential; a healthy lifestyle is necessary for youthful appearance. Smoking, sunbathing, sunbed use, a low body

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OMEGA 6 Supplements & Skin Health

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Skin barrier breakdown and "compromised" skin are common in the autumn [a patch of eczema, scaly and rough dry skin texture, skin sensitivity and redness] or a wound. The skin acts as a barrier between internal and external environments protecting the body from mechanical damage, external substances, pathogens and irradiation. Changes associated with ageing and the accumulation of exogenous damage can alter skin function affecting skin health and appearance. In order to be effective, nutritional supplementation should reinforce the skin barrier function to withstand these structural and functional changes. OMEGA 6 Having reviewed the evidence, it seems to suggest that oral GLA [γ–Linolenic acid] supplements can improve skin barrier function.  A 6% to 31% improvement in skin barrier was reported, which is in line with clinical improvements observed in the elderly; dry and sensitive skin; skin texture; itching; and perceived appearance. The studies that observed no changes in skin barrier though reported other benefits induced by supplementation, e.g., clinical improvement of dry skin texture and increased collagen deposition. However, body weight [BMI] and health status [pro-inflammatory markers in plasma] as well as seasonal changes can impact on the efficacy of the supplement. OMEGA 3 - fish oils and safflower oil do not seem to have the same benefit. Please read the scientific paper in detail.

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