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SAVE or SPEND REVIEW: Aldi Special Buys Skincare 2016

By 27th September 2016December 6th, 2016No Comments

In the clinic, I favour skincare product purchases that can be a) repeated and b) returned and refunded in case of sensitisation. I also appreciate a brand portfolio which allows for creating skin-type-specific skincare routines. However, the mass-market Aldi Special Buys can be a good one-off purchase or a gift; and some will make it back to the all-time portfolio.


Me-too brands copy an existing brand, either a luxury brand e.g. La Prairie or the multinationals e.g. Nivea, L’Oreal. Aldi Special Buys generate wonderful momentum and a surge of emotion that appeals to bargain hunters – as does having a pre-order waiting lists [see Olay, Aurelia etc.], a specific launch date and a limited number of products that can be bought on the day. 

Hand-picked from the NEW Launches [October 2016]:

  • Cuvee. I am not in favour of all Aldi products, however, I believe that the Cuvee 2016 range is good for the price you are paying. We have run a small trial on the perception of the two creams within the Cuvee range – day/night moisturiser and the neck cream. They also have independent clinical data to support their claims. 
  • Caviar Mask. My clients like the new lifting mask. It is a great pre-party pick-me up [although not for very sensitive skin types]! 
  • Last but not least, the Christmas Calendar – full of high-end active ingredients! However, you need to know how to personalise your routine. Again, we run a small study to see how these active ingredients work in a real life. 

The Caviar Night Cream was recently criticised in Sunday Times.. It is worth remembering that if you pay under £10 instead of £100, your expectations cannot be the same.

I believe that it is not the packaging, neither the key active ingredients [although often present in lower concentrations]. The difference is in sensory properties [the cheaper brand will have a stronger scent and less refined textures] and also in combinations of ingredients [that might be protected by patents].

‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’. SAVE or SPEND? The trial results to be released on the day of the launch – subscribe to this blog!


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