A new book about ageing well from my favourite writer, Tish Jett, has been published in New York by Rizzoli International Publications. Tish writes beautifully about the Frenchwomen’s art of living well, incorporating good habits and little luxuries into their day-to-day routine. Their secrets for lifelong style starts with personal discipline and belief in quality in all things, every day. Discipline goes hand in hand with beauty – quick fixes have a trade-off. Giving time to beauty rituals is essential, as is being smart with your skincare expenditure.

Tish writes, ‘With each passing birthday, I realise that one of the most important goals in my life is serenity.” The bathroom cabinet is a sanctuary for our beauty, health and mental wellbeing. Curated and personalised for you, the November beauty bargains might be tempting but go shopping with a well-thought through rationale.

The benefit of the dark nights & fireworks season is to go from the outside in; to reflect, re-work and reconsider how the year has gone and where to go from here. The same goes for our wellbeing rituals. Are they designed to regenerate us for our lives to run smoothly, beautifully and effortlessly as in France or are they an ad-hoc bargain decision?

Ageing well is not only the theme of my work; at the age of 47 it’s also a part of my personal journey. Youthful looks matter and so does looking at time in photos. A family from Buenos Aires has a lovely private ritual. They photograph their faces every year on the same day to document the passage of time.

I love the philosophy of Vicki Archer, wanting to be better when ageing, not younger. “Better in the overall sense; in the way I think, I move, I look. I want to take advantage of the years…”

Even if you don’t like the reflection in the mirror, or hardly ever do, the French approach to ageing beauty is the best in the world. When working for La Prairie, an older colleague said to me: ‘Living in France, any woman is addressed as Madame never mind her age.’

Beautiful words of the writers searching for the wisdom of France will appear on my blog more and more. They create for a feel-good community – underpinned of course by skincare science and the latest mind-body research. As Vicki says, it is following the thinking of women admired for their transition through the years and who have only improved with maturity…

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