Making women look and feel more beautiful.


There is a place where science, mindfulness and natural plant ingredients meet; a place which offers genuine benefits for radiant, healthy skin – real and long lasting. I believe women should focus on ageing well – through wellbeing and a tailored skincare routine, not feeling pressurised into holding back time with radical treatments that cannot be reversed.

As a skincare consultant to private clients and the industry, I believe an understanding of the scientific principles behind skin health is the key to looking great and maintaining a youthful complexion into middle age and beyond.

My beliefs

Healthy skin requires daily work

There are no quick fixes; healthy skin requires routine and discipline – and the right products

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Skin is an emotional envelope

Our skin is an intelligent organ, which reflects what is happening in our minds and bodies

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Nature and science work together

Natural plant-based ingredients combined with my scientific knowledge transform the skin

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Touch is essential to skincare

The application of skincare – I call this “touch” – makes a real difference to the outcomes

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My products

My products use a combination of natural and selected scientifically proven ingredients. Using my products alongside the independent skincare advice I offer, has been shown to achieve youthful skin and improve borderline skin conditions, such as blemishes, eczema and acne.

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