I am a skincare expert and facialist, who is passionate about innovative, personalised and seasonal skincare. I developed 4, my signature Anti-Ageing Serum, as a result of my scientific understanding of skin ageing and my own personal skincare journey. Using 4 as a day serum and night massage oil will help you to prevent and repair the premature signs of ageing and maintain your youthful appearance. 85 % organic, 4 contains high concentrations of scientifically proven active ingredients: micro algae, gentian leaf extract,  RENOVAGE™and Revitalix™.

I hope that you enjoy using 4 as part of your daily routine.


Dr. Katerina Steventon

FaceWorkshops Clinic

FaceWorkshops, an independent skincare consultancy, based in Beverley, East Yorkshire. I specialise in facial skincare and provide objective recommendations informed by 20 years’ experience in skin science & the beauty industry. My recommendations are not aligned to any skincare brand. Beautiful skin comes from within and… Continue reading →


4 Anti-Ageing Serum

4 Anti-Ageing Serum. An innovative, hybrid serum with anti-wrinkle, vertical line resurfacing and cell longevity prolonging effects. Unisex. A result of 20 years’ scientific research, professional expertise and salon experience. Delivery First Class Royal Mail. UK postcodes only. To place an… Continue reading →


Blog About Science

The UK skincare market is price conscious and focused on feel-good textures. At times, the ‘feel’ can only be achieved by adding non-natural, texture forming ingredients within the manufacturing process. There is nothing wrong with that but the feel of the product does not ensure that… Continue reading →


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